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(sustainability in design education – 2nd post)

"The most interesting phase of a project is setting it up, designing it, scanning the domain, framing the issues, specifying an action, seeking information and advice, planning the work, putting together the team. All these are design tasks, and they are best learned by experience." (Jhon Thackara)

Several teams around the world applied sustainability as a principle in design education. They all tell about a long process that took many months and required several iterations to function well. Each of them was completely different. This project will run for four and a half months which isn't that much (to say the least), and It seems like the planning in more or less done by now. Here is what I intend to do:


1. Project scope: The project will include the bachelor program at the Institute of Visual Design. My personal approach is that sustainability should be inherent to design education, and therefore should already be present in the base of the education program, rather than on a MA level as it is mostly the case.

Working in the context of sustainability in other fields of design like industrial design or architecture is more common, since they are strongly tight to materials and production. I assume that visual design will rather lead me towards looking into discourse and narratives, but we'll see.

2. Partnership: I don't work for people, I work with people. I will try to involve the staff at KADK as much as possible, and keep my work transparent (not very easy for a designer that is used to show only the final outcome). This mindset I'm trying to adapt is also the main reason for writing about this process here.

3. Tools development: Rather than submitting some concrete insights to KADK, I hope to develop some tools that could be used in similar processes happening in other design schools.

Fields of research:

The Process

Next step: Interviews
The interviews which will start next week will include the management, teachers and students at KADK as well as teachers from other universities that are already experienced in this field. I also hope to interview some designers that graduated from KADK and to hear their perspective.