(Sustainability in Design Education – post no. 3)

Over the past two weeks I've been interviewing 13 people:
From each type of interview I tried to get a different kind of information:
Students: What exactly do you go through in each course? What do you fill regarding sustainability in general? How do you experience it as part of your studies?
Staff members at KADK: I interviewed people with different roles – from teachers to the head of the institute. I asked different questions according to their role, starting with what do you teach, and ending up with the way they see the future of design.
Staff members from other design educations in Scandinavia: I mostly tried to learn what are they doing in terms of sustainability in design and what is their approach.
Specialist in sustainable design from Designit Oslo: How do they build their capacity in the field as designers that are not specialised in sustainability? What is the most important thing to teach students in this context?

The most fruitful question was 'What is the biggest constrain when working with sustainability?'. This question actually made everybody – even the most fluent and confident professionals, stop for a second and think. Not everyone is willing to share what they are straggling with, and the answers to this question revealed some of it.

After I transcribed the interviews I colour coded the different groups of participants, and wrote the main points they were talking about on post-it notes. I gradually put them on the wall according to different topics that came up. This is how it ended up:
Each Post-it includes a single note. Here is random selection:

Next step: Making sense out of it.

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